KIMEC Kobe InternationalMultimedia Entertainment City
Company Profile
:: Name : KIMEC Corporation
:: Established : February 1997
:: Paid Up Capital : 338 million yen
:: Major Shareholders : Kobe Steel, NEC, Sumitomo Corp, NTT West,IBM Japan, Kawasaki Heavy Industry, City of Kobe,Mitsui- Sumitomo bank,Minato Bank,Cable Television Kobe, Kobe Cable television, Kobe City Development and Management Foundation,Sanyo Electric, Kobelco System
:: President : Masumi Sato( Senior advisor of Kobe Steel)

KIMEC Concept
::KIMEC means : Kobe International Multimedia & Entertainment City

The KIMEC is the concept for urban development in the area of multimedia and culture( entertainment ),and its aims are not only to improve the quality of life of local residents but also to reinforce the existing industrial structure and to introduce the new type of business.
The role of KIMEC Corporation is to contribute to the local community as a coordinator and also an executer of such KIMEC concept by combining the strong power of shareholders.

Recent Activities
::  Last two to three years ,KIMEC Corp focused our activities in the area of
Biomedical related business because Kobe city and the government of Hyogo Prefecture have decided to open the Biomedical Research and Innovation Center which will be most advanced in the world in scale and contents.
We have contributed in the area of manufacturing sales promotion tool and various kinds of documentation, display etc.
We have supplied such materials containing not only rather professional contents but also the education material for children.
::  We are now focusing our target on the area of science education.
Recently, majority of children don’t show their interest in the science curriculum due to the difficulty in understanding of their textbooks.
We want to use visual tools to help their easy understanding of the science curriculum instead of hard textbook.

:: June 1994,
KIMEC concept was established as one of key ideas of the urban development strategy by the City of Kobe.
It was a Kobe’s new appeal as the most advanced and attractive city in Japan providing multimedia culture and information based circumstances.
::  January 1995,
The biggest earthquake named Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake hit Kobe area and all of citizens suffered the severest damage.
:: February 1997,
KIMEC Planning co. was established as a third sector company of Kobe City in order to make marketing and feasibility studies for the possibility of the ideal projects.
:: April 1999,
The name of the company was changed to KIMEC Corporation and become a private corporation.